Murder Takes the High Road

Josh Lanyon
Murder Takes the High Road
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Carina Press
Release Date
April 2018
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

From award-winning male/male author Josh Lanyon: a librarian finds himself in a plot right out of one of his favorite mystery novels

Librarian Carter Matheson is determined to enjoy himself on a Scottish bus tour for fans of mystery author Dame Vanessa Rayburn. Sure, his ex, Trevor, will also be on the trip with his new boyfriend, leaving Carter to share a room with a stranger, but he can't pass up a chance to meet his favorite author.

Carter's roommate turns out to be John Knight, a figure as mysterious as any character from Vanessa's books. His strange affect and nighttime wanderings make Carter suspicious. When a fellow traveler's death sparks rumors of foul play, Carter is left wondering if there's anyone on the tour he can trust.

Drawn into the intrigue, Carter searches for answers, trying to fend off his growing attracton toward John. But as unexplained tragedies continue, the whole tour must face the fact that there may be a murderer in their midst—but who?

This book is approximately 60,000 words

Book Review by Ana (reviewer)
Mar 22, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Mystery, intrigue and a little bit of romance is waiting for Carter in this trip to the Scottish Highlands.

Carter has been waiting a long time to enjoy the tour created for fans of his favorite mystery author. His ex and his new boyfriend presence shouldn't be a problem, or so he thinks. Sharing a room with a stranger is not exactly what he had in mind but his roommate's suspicious behavior and the sudden death of a traveler open the door for a mystery and maybe for a little romance too.

There were a lot of things about the book that I like. Most of it is related to the mystery. What I didn't loved about the book was the lack of romance. It wasn't absent, but the little time dedicated to develop a romantic relationship between Carter and John became underwhelming for me.

The strongest part of the book was the mystery, which I found really interesting. I liked the plot a lot and the writing was also really good. I had a bit of a trouble with the pace that was too slow at the beginning, seeming like nothing was really going on, and a bit too rushed at the last pages. There was enough time to explain what was going on and I find the ending really interesting.

As for the romance, this is where the book left me expecting so much more. I felt like there was little time dedicated to Carter and John's relationship, to the point that it felt a little bit forced. I don't believe they have a good chemistry. As individuals, I liked Carter a lot, I loved the way he sees the whole situation with his ex. It seems a realistic reaction. John was nice but I don't think I got to know him too well, although, in this case, I think it was planned that way to add some more of mystery into the story.

Overall I liked the book a lot, I had a good time reading it. It was an intriguing book that readers who enjoy mysteries would be able to enjoy it.
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