Night of the Zandians

Renee Rose and Rebel West
Night of the Zandians
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Burning Desires
Release Date
March 2018
Book 1 of Zandian Brides
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

The Zandians have taken back their planet. Now they need brides. All human females have been assigned to mates. Yes, mates, multiple. I've been given to three handsome males--cousins. Huge, purple and horned, they act like they want to eat me for breakfast. After what I've been through with previous slave masters, I don't know how I'll survive this. But I have to. It's adapt or be sent off-planet, which would mean my death, considering I'm wanted for murder. My mates cannot find out I'm not able to reproduce. I need to keep my secret, figure out a way to survive, stay focused. But when the Zandian warriors claim me, they make me forget my past and scream with pleasure. I can't let myself fall for them. If they learn my secret, I'll lose more than my life. I'll lose my heart.

Book Review by Dawn (reviewer)
Apr 16, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A human gets an alien mate. Then another. Oh, and another one too.

Riya has a problem. More like three of them, all handsome and coming right for her now that their king has declared open season on the women. As a newly freed slave, she won't ever experience real freedom. And the three cousin aliens who want to mate with her aren't exactly offering her freedom either. They want a submissive female to warm their beds and give them children.

But the more time she spends with them, Riya starts to highly anticipate the naughtier things they want to do to her. It's just the children part that gives her trouble since she knows she is barren. If she gives herself to these men, she worries they will toss her aside once they find out that she is useless as a breeder. Can she trust them with the truth? Or will she end up alone again in the end?

If you go into this book with certain expectations, I believe it's a very enjoyable read. I don't typically put a lot of thought into sci-fi romances because just the idea of alien mating is so far-fetched. So even if the story doesn't go according to my expectations, I still tend to enjoy them. So much that this genre has become a favorite of mine. For this reverse harem book, I think you should expect a light story with a bunch of naughty fun and not a whole lot of deep emotion.

There is also a moderate-to-high amount of BDSM in this book, mostly spanking. While I don't necessarily mind seeing this in my reading, especially if it's an erotica, there was nothing in the book's description to hint toward this sort of relationship between our heroine and her lovers. This is something I think should be known prior to going into the book because a lot of readers don't enjoy seeing the dominant/submissive relationships and would want to avoid it.

As for the plot, there actually is one, even though it's not at all heavy. I would say that this book is about 30% plot advancement, 60% sex scenes of some sort, and 10% internal dialogue, mostly from our heroine. And I felt terrible for her too. Seeing her suffering because she knew she couldn't have children and her mates desperately wanted one was hard. And when the conflict happens, I was torn in half between Riya and the men. So even without a lot of emotion in the story, I still found myself getting attached to the group.

In closing...
A really naughty menage-a-quatre, set in space! Four stars!
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