Lauren Dane
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HQN Books
Release Date
March 2018
Book 2 of Whiskey Sharp
Contemporary Romance

The sweetest reward comes after the longest wait

Vicktor Orlov took one look at the wary gaze and slow-to-trust personality of the deliciously sexy and fascinating Rachel Dolan and knew he wanted more than just a casual friendship. But as a natural protector, he also knew bossiness and overprotective maneuvering would push her away. He'll use every tool in his easygoing arsenal to convince her to take a chance on them.

Rachel's flourishing new career as a tattoo artist has brought color back into a life previously damaged by violence. She knows she can trust Vic—it's herself she's not sure of. She doesn't want to be caged or controlled, protected so much she has no ability to make her own choices. And damn if the man doesn't know it.

When Vic finally drops all pretenses of "just friends" and focuses all his careful affection and irresistible seduction on her, Rachel knows she's falling hard for the laid-back pretty-boy Russian she's discovered has a relentlessly steel spine when it comes to her.

And she can't resist.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Apr 06, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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5 uncaged stars for WHISKEY SHARP: JAGGED!

After surviving a horrific kidnapping 4 years ago, former FBI agent Rachel Dolan now spends her days on her therapy: art. Rachel's parents strongly disapprove of her new life choices, believing that her sister Maybe is responsible for influencing her. Thank goodness for the sexy bearded Russian baker, Vicktor Orlov. Vic has been her friend ever since his cousin started dating her sister, and now they're both ready to explore something more. But with the threat from her parents to take over conservatorship, Rachel and Vic must present a united front. Fortunately, they've got a great support system for backup.

WHISKEY SHARP: JAGGED was a very emotional ride from beginning to end. I couldn't help my heart breaking from the hell that Rachel and Maybe's father put them both through: cruel to one and obsessive about the other. I loved the Orlov family though, and the sweet protective shield they formed around the Dolan sisters. Poor Rachel went through so much emotionally that it was hard to get through the book without wanting to wrap her up in feather blankets and stop the world from intruding on her burgeoning happiness ever again. And Vic…he was so swoonworthy. He was attentive and affectionate and playful, which exactly what she needed. I can't wait for the third and final offering in the Whiskey Sharp trilogy, Whiskey Sharp: Torn, featuring Cora's story!

Bottom Line: No OM/OW or sharing; condom use; no BDSM/kink; no sexual assault; discussion of past violence; no murder.
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