Sommer Marsden
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Xcite eBooks
Release Date
December 2010
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

An erotic novella by best-selling author Sommer Marsden

Kyle thinks he can blank out his past one guy at a time. No love, no caring, just tons of sex and life in the recovering addict lane. Anything to fill the void in himself and still the anxiety. When he moves to Montana on a whim to change his life - at least for the time being - Kyle realises that all it takes is one cowboy who looks more like a surfer to change things. One man who refuses to be shut up, or turned off or blanked out.

Blank has also been published in Hard Lessons 9781907761522

Book Review by DH Starr (author)
Jun 05, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BLANK was a surprising read for me; surprising in a great way. This short story written by Sommer Marsden introduces us to Kyle, a man who has struggled and is still struggling when we meet him at the story's opening.

There is a lot of history that is hinted at, some things explicitly, others less so, but the artistry with which author Sommer Marsden painted this character and his complexity drew me in from the very first pages.

I do not typically read stories about dark characters who live jaded lives. Sure, I enjoy tension and conflict, but I tend to be drawn to stories where the main protagonist or protagonists are genuinely optimistic, hopeful, and open to the possibilities of a happy life. Kyle was nothing like this. He's dark, guarded, trying to escape the things that have disappointed him in life. He believes that if he shells himself off, he won't get hurt worse than he already has been, yet we get the sense that he doesn't think he'll ever actually be happy again.

When Kyle decides to head to Montana to get away and work as a farm hand for a while, his problems travel across the country with him and he falls into the same patterns of escape and meaningless encounters to avoid feeling and remembering. But all that changes when he meets Tad.

I really feel like I need to stop here since the power of this short story is the journey you are drawn into through well drawn out passionate emotions and experiences. This book does not wrap everything up in a pretty package with a nice shiny bow for good measure, but it does force us as readers to contemplate what is within our power to change and what is not. It is an examination of the choice to feel, even if those feelings are scary and painful, or to hide and not really live at all.

Just like Ms. Marsden insinuated to different degrees what led Kyle to the point we met him, she also leaves the ending relatively ambiguous. We have a pretty good idea of how he will end up personally, but as for the romance that she has developed, we're not sure. The funny thing is, while that would normally piss me off, I found it refreshing.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As a short story, there were certain elements which were underdeveloped for my personal taste. I would have liked to have seen less meaningless encounters and more of the internal struggle Kyle goes through where Tad is concerned. This could easily have been doubled in length, or even tripled.

It's a great read. You'll enjoy it when you read it…and please leave a comment here when you do to tell me what you think happens for Kyle after the story ends.
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