The Dressing Room

Josee Renard
The Dressing Room
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Cobblestone Press
Release Date
January 2011
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

David has to buy a new suit for next week's wedding of his best friend and one-time crush. There's no way he can wear the suit he wore to his high school graduation. So he heads for Harry Martin's - the best store in town. Flynn is just the opposite of David - he buys a new suit every month.

When David shows up after hours at Harry Winston's, he and Flynn make sparks fly immediately. Flynn's penchant for bondage and their mutual attraction turn the dressing room into the perfect erotic fantasy.

Book Review by DH Starr (author)
Jun 01, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE DRESSING ROOM is a passion filled story about David and Flynn. While a short story, the depth of the character development and the emotions portrayed are impressive. I have not read any books by Ms. Josee Renard before, and I found myself bound by the richness of the language and the clarity of the images and sensations she evokes through her exquisite use of language.

The story opens with David and Celia, high school friends, preparing for their best friend and their high school's crush's wedding. Yes, they both had a crush on the same guy in high school. Needing to arrive in style and wanting to impress their unrequited love at the wedding, Celia forces David to tag along as she shops for the perfect outfit, shoes, purse, etc. She then scedules an appointment for David to meet with Flynn, a personal shopper of sorts at a high end men's dress shop called Harry Winston's.

The chemistry between David and Flynn are instant. What made this such a magnetic moment, the moment of the two meeting, was that Ms. Renard had done an exquisite job in the opening, setting up a scenario that made their friend getting married a man that seemed hard to get over. The fact that Flynn was able to compete with that level of deep-rooted attraction was powerful. What follows is a highly erotic and sexually charged story that demonstrates the slow dance of two people who recognize attraction and act on it for the first time.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the emotions and language of the story, there were several aspects to the story that distracted me and took away from my overall experience while reading it. The primary issue was that Ms. Renard shifted points of view without the use of the typical devices such as a skipped line or several asterisks to indicate a change. The point of view simply would shift from one sentence to the next, and this occurred more than once in the final two chapters. I was able to overlook the "head-hopping" because the heat index was so satisfying, but I did have to stop, go back, and make sure I understood what had happened and who was thinking what and when.

At the risk of giving away too much, I am going to remain vague about this final issue I had. As stated, the heat, characters, and concept of the story were enticing and the use of language and imagery brilliant, but the way the two characters developed together did not ring true for me.

Overall, I'd say this story was a fun, hot read. An excellent character sketch and an intriguing plot line. It is a story with some technical flaws and, for me, an aspect to the relationship between these two strangers that didn't feel believable.

If you are interested in a short read, steams and exciting, I would definitely say give this short story a try. It would make for some great reading by a pool or while watching the kids run around in the playground during the summer.
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