A Done Deal

Helen Karol
A Done Deal


Lily Publishing
Release Date
March 2018
Book 1 of Hope Junction
Action/Adventure Romance, BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense/Mystery, Western Romance

"Way I see it, you and me… we're a done deal."

Chance Williams determination is more than Tessa Anderson bargains for when she moves to Hope Junction, Wyoming. Sure, she's attracted to the tall handsome rancher, but she's thinking just some romance and a bit of sexy fun. She isn't looking to fall in love.

She's especially not looking to fall in love with a man who has ideas as old fashioned as Chance's.
Ideas that include a protective streak a mile long. Not to mention a firm hand. And a ring on her finger.

Tessa's firmly fixed on launching her new herb and seed business. The little bungalow she rents from Chance is perfect for her new venture. When an unexplained fire and strange goings on at the property start to threaten her success and maybe even her safety, Tessa has to come to terms with her wayward desires and her hesitant heart.

She might just have to accept that Chance is right about them.

They're a done deal.

A Done Deal is a revised version of the previously published The Rancher's Woman
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