A Fortnight is not Enough

Rosemary Goodacre
A Fortnight is not Enough


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Release Date
February 2018
Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Have you ever enjoyed a holiday so much you could not bear to go home?
18 year old Imogen from London meets Jules in the south of France and finds he is a fellow artist. As a student he earns a little by restoring paintings at the nearby gallery. She loves the old town with its Roman remains.
As she becomes increasingly attracted to Jules she is unwilling to return home, where her older boyfriend Luke employs her in his photography gallery. At the airport she impulsively misses her flight.
Determined to stay she finds a flat, works as a waitress and helps in the gallery. Jules encourages her to take art lessons. She does not regret her decision to stay even when it rains heavily in autumn.
Luke arrives and tries to persuade her to return to London. She recognises now that he is obsessed with his own ambitions. Besides, she is falling in love with Jules. Luke returns without her.
As the tourist season ends her work dwindles.
Jules lives with his family in a cramped flat. He loves Imogen but cannot afford to support her. They try to sell their best paintings. Imogen is thrilled when the dealer buys a painting, but the extra money will not last long.
Will she need to return to London or can she and Jules find a way to allow her to stay? When the gallery is threatened, fate takes a hand…

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