Elizabeth Coldwell
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Release Date
January 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

An erotica novella with gay, bdsm and contemporary themes by Elizabeth Coldwell.

When Sean Bradley gets an invitation to Dante's, the most exclusive gay club in town, he doesn't realise it will change his life for ever. This is no ordinary club, and its world of decadent delights is designed to pair wealthy dominant men with cute young submissives. The club's owner, Dante Capello, is immediately taken with Sean, and sets about leading him into a world of BDSM pleasures, where he will learn how to receive the strictest of punishments and obey without question. But though Dante is a demanding master, he has a reputation for keeping his emotional distance from the boys who submit to him and discarding them after a weekend in his servitude. How far is Sean prepared to go to truly become his?

Book Review by DH Starr (author)
Jun 13, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I remember when I was in my early twenties and exploring various aspects of being gay, finding my place in the scene, I had a group of friends that was about as eclectic as they come. One of our group wore rubber shirt and leather pants to clubs. The fact he had a hairy chest and sweat into a rubber was deeply troubling to me, but I digress. This friend introduced me to the book Mr. Benson by John Preston and it was my first real glimpse into the world of BDSM (Dom/sub). I tore through that book in a day, fascinated by the culture that had been utterly foreign and unknown to me.

Since then, I have read many books with BDSM aspects, but overall, these books have portrayed sexual situations in which one partner was submissive and the other dominant in action and behavior, but the true emotions and culture never quite shone through in the same way as my first exposure. I can now say that my wait is over.

HIS by Elizabeth Coldwell was a brilliantly erotic and evocative story of Dom and sub. The book opens and we meet Sean whose straight roommate wants him to get out on the scene and meet someone. He gets Sean an invitation to a BDSM club, Dante's, and Sean's life is irrevocable changed. At the club, Sean meets Dante and a life-altering series of events takes place. Since this is a novella, I'm going to leave my summary at that and get right into the review.

First, the heat and the authenticity of the Dom/sub relationship was wonderfully drawn out. Ms. Coldwell got deep inside Sean's head, allowing the reader to experience the needs and fulfillment that comes from truly becoming submissive to another person. Along with the emotions, the heat index is off-the-charts hot. With unapologetic detail, the sex and pleasure/pain is described vividly, the sensations, colors, and smells coming off the page.

What I liked best about this story is how both characters were so very real. The book itself was long enough to fully develop both characters and the plot and we really got to know the players and to want them to find the ending they so deserve. Keeping the culture of the Dom/sub relationship and world in the forefront, this book delivers a true love story, one that may not be conventional by most standards, but one which is real, heartfelt, and true nonetheless.

When a story can both tug at my heartstrings and get my juices flowing, I am satisfied. When a book also gets me to really think, ponder the possibilities, and appreciate something I wouldn't try myself, the book has transcended from an enjoyable read to a read I will carry with me.
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