Jade Falconer/Jack Greene
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Phaze Books
Release Date
January 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Discovery: Mugged by a mystery man in a dark Hollywood alley, Seth discovers a secret kink. Now he wants to meet his mystery man again... and he'll give him more than his wallet.

Prelude: Jeffrey met Mark in an internet chat room. But even though they've just met, Mark seems to know just what Jeffrey needs. Whips, chains, hot sex and maybe... love?

Book Review by DH Starr (author)
Jul 01, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I don't often read anthologies, but this book sort of treads a line between a collaborative work and an anthology. There are only two short stories contained in this book and both focus on characters who discover kinks within themselves that they never knew existed.

In Discovery by Jade Falconer, we meet Seth who is mugged in a dark alleyway one night after going out with his friends. Rather than responding with fear, he becomes instantly aroused. This reaction, needless to say, surprises him and he can't stop thinking about the mugger with the piercing blue eyes or his desire to once again be at this man's mercy.

In Prelude by Jack Greene, we meet Jeffrey who isn't necessarily reserved, but isn't a party animal either. He goes online one Saturday and enters a dom/sub chat room and meets Mark. Mark, a confident Dom, taps into a side of Jeffrey he didn't know existed and what transpires is a heated encounter.

In reading both of these short stories, I found myself engrossed by the emotions that the characters experienced as they discovered new things about themselves. It's interesting because one of my characters from a book I wrote has a lot of self-discovery to do and I saw parallels between what Ms. Falconer and Mr. Greene have done and what I hope to achieve when I get around to writing this character's story. In short, both authors did a fantastic job of bringing the reader into the heads of their main heroes and showing us the struggle/surprise as each learns something new about themselves.

As with any short story, there were certain conveniences that had to be in place that forces the reader to suspend belief to a degree. Whenever that happens, I always feel like a story loses a bit of believability, but that only occurs to a small degree in these two stories. Primarily, these books seemed to fall into the happily-ever-after ending that is part of what defines romance and I think both stories would have been better suited with a happy for now ending, leaving to the reader the job of determining whether the heroes would work as a couple or not. That's just my opinion based on what little I know of the BDSM scene and Dom/sub relationships.

All said and done, this book was a good read, one I definitely recommend. The fact that it really had me contemplating the lifestyle and that I could feel the emotions was a strong point.
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