Holly Molly: And a Stocking Full of Cole

Staci Brush
Holly Molly: And a Stocking Full of Cole
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Release Date
December 2012
Contemporary Romance, Young Adult Romance

In Molly Rey's dreams, she is a happy, stress-free young woman. In reality, she is overworked, under appreciated, and struggling to get along with her father. When she gets into some trouble at home, she is immediately sent to live with her Aunt Bea in no man's land.

Far away from city life, Sheriff Anthony Crowe is subjected to a near death accident when he rescues Beatrice Rey's family pet from a river. The most eligible candidate to fill the Sheriff's shoes for the time being is his son, Cole. The job is a dream come true, until an unexpected visitor barges in.

Molly arrives in Bellinger Heights to unwelcome circumstances. Everyone is in a frenzy getting ready for the town Christmas party, and the new sheriff has it in for her. Can she convince him that she is not the juvenile delinquent whom he believes her to be? She hopes so, because there is nothing else she wants for Christmas more than his love.

Book Review by Sooz (reviewer)
Aug 15, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Bad days – we all have them. But how bad can they get? In HOLLY MOLLY, Molly Rey, an uber responsible teenager finds out. Actually, it's a couple of really bad days, and boy, are they doozies!

At seventeen, Molly holds down two jobs, keeps tabs on her widower dad and doesn't do the whole rebellious thing. Then, one evening, while her Dad is at the Lodge, she gives up her virginity to her best friend Chad. It was a sweet and wonderful moment in her life and she hoped to cherish the memory for the rest of her life. That lasted a whole day.

Molly spots Chad the next day with the girlfriend he supposedly broke up with. Molly sees red and takes a two by four to his prized car. (Don't we all wish that we'd done that at some point in our lives?) The cops get called and Molly is arrested. No one wants to press charges, so Molly gets sprung, but the arrest is on her record until the red tape can be cleared.

If that weren't bad enough, the next day, the space heater she kept in her room catches on fire and Molly and her Dad, Keith, are forced to move in next door. Of course, that neighbor would be Chad and his family.

Keith takes matters into his own hands and packs Molly off to his sister Bea. Molly is happy for a fresh start and remembers the good times she had at her aunt's little house. Mostly, she remembers Cole, a serious, kind of stuck in a rut, 21 year old who finds himself attracted to the young Miss Molly.

There are plenty of HEA in this book and it is quite sweet. It isn't labeled a young adult novel, but it reads like it. I enjoyed Molly's handling of adversity and her budding relationship with Cole. Aunt Bea was lots of fun to read about and I wish she had a bigger role, and Skits the dog did steal a few scenes too!

All in all, it is a sweet, happy read (once Molly has totally mucked up her life, that is....) and I recommend it as novel to curl up to and enjoy.
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