The Illusion of Control

Lisa Dawn Wadler
The Illusion of Control


Palmetto Publishing
Release Date
March 2018
Contemporary Romance, Mainstream fiction, Reality-Based Romance (TM)

Laurel lives under the illusion her troubled past is behind her after releasing her demons into a dark and sexually charged novel of revenge. However, her thoughts have become entangled with those of her fictional character, Marie. Moving forward and rebuilding is hindered by whispers from the past jading the present.
Fiction and reality begin to collide when Laurel experiences an undeniable attraction to her neighbor, Michael. His sexually domineering preferences mirror the fictional world Laurel created for Marie. Laurel's unleashed desire and love for him transforms the sedated world she has lived in for far too long.
Will the love that Laurel and Michael create be strong enough to endure the trials and tribulations of their difficult pasts? In The Illusion of Control, Lisa Dawn Wadler's novel within a novel, Laurel will have to learn to exist without her armor and live in the now if she's going to experience all that real love truly has to offer.
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