The Bed and the Bachelor

Tracy Anne Warren
The Bed and the Bachelor
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Release Date
July 2011
Historical Romance

Everyone knows the Byron brothers are "mad, bad, and dangerous." But the devilishly desirable fourth son, Drake, is too scholarly to misbehave . . . or is he?

Lord Drake Byron has no time in his busy life to worry about taking a wife. He is more interested in the unbreakable code he has developed to defeat Napoleon's forces. Little does he know that the irresistibly lovely new housekeeper he's hired is really a French secret agent.

Sebastianne Dumont is not at all who she seems to be. Forced to spy to save her family, she embarks on a mission that takes an even more dangerous turn when she falls in love with the surprisingly tempting man she must ultimately betray. And if she succeeds in her mission, will she also break Lord Drake's heart, while leaving her own behind?

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Jun 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE BED AND THE BACHELOR is a fast-paced, delicious romp with a French spy for a heroine and the 4th son of a duke for a hero. Not one dull moment in this book, Tracy Anne Warren's latest captivated my attention and wouldn't let go until I reached the last page.

Drake Byron has the important task of formulating a secret code for England, a task that is sure to help them turn the tide against the French. However, he is also in need of a housekeeper, and he hires on Sebastianne Dumont, despite his better judgement, as he finds himself attracted to her. What he doesn't know is that he's letting in a snake into his house...

The characters are interesting and three-dimensional, especially Sebastianne, with whom we sympathize as she finds herself torn with betraying the man she loves and doing what she has to save her family. We already know she's clever and resourceful, but her later actions against the villain proved this more time. I admit to being surprised at this, and yet gleeful that here is one smart heroine who is more than a match for the intellectual hero.

Drake is the delightful combination of a scholarly inventor and a gorgeous hunk. I think Ms. Warren has created the right kind of hero to make me swoon! He also has the brains (street smarts) to match, and his determination toward the end just positively melts me, even while he's as yet confused about his feelings for Sebastianne. Moreover, there's something about a patriot that's just so sexy.

The minor suspense thread serves to heighten and advance the plot, even as it tests Sebastianne's mettle and resolve, and allow us to discover just what kind of woman she is. The secondary characters--the household staff and Drake's parent and siblings--were interesting to get to know, and displays the large and caring familial environment that Drake must've grown up in. I'm sure readers who've read previous books in the series would be happy to visit with the couples. I'm happy to report though that readers who are new to the series wouldn't be lost should they start with this book.
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