Bound by Tradition

Roxy Harte
Bound by Tradition

Kindle Direct Publishing
Release Date
March 2018
Book 1 of A Roxy Harte Quickie
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Breaking free of old traditions, discovering joy in new traditions.

With a nonexistent social life and an overbearing father, Stephanie Ricci is desperate to escape the chaos her life has become: workouts, classes, work, more workouts, studying, and competitions. She's so burned out and numb she's taken to dangerous behavior just to feel anything. When she finds herself hog-tied in the desert by her father's archnemesis's son, she feels something she hasn't felt in years: alive. And she wants to feel it again.

Shiro Muirin is immediately attracted to the dark, dangerous beauty who is the daughter of his father's archrival. He jumps at the chance to spend time with her, even if it means helping her run from her father. And when she's more than willing to be tied in his rope, he knows he's found the woman he's been looking for, and he refuses to be bound by their two families' tradition of hate.

A Roxy Harte Quickie: For those times you need something short, but definitely not sweet. Sometimes a woman just needs to be bad. If you enjoyed this Roxy Harte quickly, look for future releases… of quick, tantalizing stories to feed your imagination. A Roxy Harte Quickie is a 25K-50K read. Each title is a Stand-Alone.


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