Desperate Girls

Laura Griffin
Desperate Girls
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Release Date
August 2018
Book 1 of Wolfe Security
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

With the grit, sex, and suspense of Goliath, New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin's Desperate Girls is a tightly wound, fast-paced thriller that examines intricate relationship dynamics in the wake of a killer's symbolic revenge spree.

Defense attorney Brynn Holloran is right at home among cops, criminals, and tough-as-nails prosecutors. With her sharp wit and pointed words, she has a tendency to intimidate, and she likes it that way. She's a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom, but in her personal life, she's a mess.

When a vicious murderer she once helped prosecute resurfaces and starts a killing spree to wipeout those who put him behind bars, one thing becomes clear: Brynn needs to run for her life.

With no help from the police, Brynn is forced to take matters into her own hands, turning to a private security firm for protection. But when Brynn defies advice and gets involved in the investigation, even the former Secret Service agent assigned to protect her may not be able to keep her safe. With every new clue she discovers, Brynn is pulled back into the vortex of a disturbing case from her past.

As the clock ticks down on a manhunt, Brynn's desperate search for the truth unearths long-buried secrets and reignites a killer's fury.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Jul 05, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It's official. I want to be Laura Griffin when I grow up. Of all the authors that I've read who write romantic suspense, she's the best in getting that right balance of heartstopping suspense, edge of your seat action and spine tingling romance. While I love her epic novels with the save-the-world themes, I love it even more when the stakes are more personal such as in this book. Although I do have to say I'm not liking the cover.

Brynn and Erik are what happens when two strong individuals clash, and I like how Erik is respectful with regard to her wishes. True, she's the client but he's in charge of her safety and he could've run roughshod over her but he didn't. From their first meeting, we can feel the sizzling chemistry between them and I for one looked forward to their scenes together. I love Erik! Such an honorable man, and the angst of his situation is certainly delicious. Brynn chafed at me in the beginning, but once I saw where she's coming from, I came to understand her better and she grew on me.

I love the twists and turns that Ms. Griffin added here, how each layer that was peeled pulled the story in a new direction until we come to the exciting climax! Though I have to say I'm not liking how the final reveal was done. If Brynn hadn't met her friend in the restroom…it's too much of a coincidence for me, but life works like that, right? Also, if it hadn't happened, I'm sure this last bit would still have been known in some other way.

In any case, I also love how the author brought in Mark Wolfe, one of the heroes in her Tracers series, as a consultant, since he's also the brother of the owner of the company that Erik's working for. I love seeing the way characters from different series pop in and out of each other's books; it's like meeting an old friend. That said, I'd love to read more books featuring the men from Wolfe's Security. While we're waiting for those books, it appears I've missed some of the author's previous works. Excuse me while I go devour them.
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Book Review by Pip (reviewer)
Jul 13, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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DESPERATE GIRLS isn't a title I'd immediately associated with the blurb of the story and it became quite clear from the onset that the story is so much more than the rather irrelevant-sounding title. As a sort-of offshoot of Laura Griffin's Tracers series, I was eager nonetheless to take a closer look into Liam Wolfe's Security company staffed by supersized heroes and the different kind of romantic suspense revolving around security that Ms. Griffin was going to write.

The stoic bodyguard who eventually falls for his principal when they are paired up--typically reluctantly on the latter's part--as a threat escalates isn't a new idea, but Ms. Griffin's take on it is a unique, intriguing one, going further than the usual bodyguard-type romance. The standout as always, is Ms. Griffin's writing, her ability to juggle so many elements at once while revealing the intricate details about the security business that simply go beyond shadowing a principal. The complexity of the police case, the red herrings, solid protagonists and the well-researched and fantastic writing made DESPERATE GIRLS an entertaining read, even though my rather shallow way of measuring this had partially to do with the amount of sleep I had the past few nights at night as I got lost in Ms. Griffin's writing.

My only gripes were the few TSTL moments early on, the courtroom drama that proved a bit of a lull (I was more caught up in the danger of a psychopathic, escaped convict and the slow, amping up of the action) and the final plot-twist feeling like a last-gasp attempt at drama that proved to be downers for me. I did feel that characterisation suffered a little under the hyper-focus on the court case and the overall suspense but these however, weighed against how much I enjoyed the developing action nonetheless, probably seem somewhat churlish to include. Still, the pulse-pounding moments, all leading up to the action-movie-type ending (complete with the exotic location) seemed to be over too soon, leaving me eager for the next book in this promising series and its fresh, new cast of characters.
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