Hot Daddy

Lila Monroe
Hot Daddy
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Lila Monroe Books
Release Date
April 2018
Contemporary Romance

Welcome to the Billionaire Bachelors series, where the sexiest men in the city are about to meet their match…

Playboy CEO, Cal McAdams, lives life in the fast lane: hot women, hotter deals, and… a fake fiancee? I signed on to help reform his reckless image and win custody of his god-children, but I wasn't expecting to come face-to-face (and mouth-to-mouth) with my wild Vegas hook-up from three years ago.

AKA, 6"3 of tanned muscle, sharp suits, and ‘undress me' eyes.
AAKA, the best thigh-clenching, bed-shaking sex of my life.
AAAKA, the man who couldn't be more off-limits if he had a uranium belt wrapped around his, um, assets.

I've never been one to break the rules, but Cal has me wanting to rip them up - and roll around naked on the scrap paper. But with just three weeks to turn this bachelor into a DILF, can we keep our crazy chemistry from derailing his plans? Or will gold-digging relatives, rambunctious pre-teens, and a little thing called love leave us both crashed out of the race?

Find out in the new sexy, hilarious romantic comedy from Lila Monroe!

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Apr 19, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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HOT DADDY is a fun and sexy contemporary romance.

Cal McAdams is not an alpha ass* although he is a billionaire (does a hero have to be a billionaire to come across as cool and sexy and unattainable?). He needs a fiancée to gain custody of his god-children and is not above hiring a woman to pretend to be one. But surprise, surprise, the woman turns out to be Jules Robinson, his one-night stand from three years ago…

Surprisingly, too, Cal is a good parent to the children, maybe because he'd been there since their birth and every step of their growing up years. I love his chemistry with Jules and the way his commanding side sometimes come out during their intimate scenes.

The plot is nothing new, though I love that Diana McAdams is not the typical "monster-in-law" but a very successful businesswoman in her own right. I also love Lottie, another independent and capable woman in the making.

That said, I have a few minor gripes:

1. Ezra is said to be seven-years-old, but he comes across as four. When my elder nephew was seven (a year ago), he didn't act anything like Ezra, who eerily can be a twin to my four-year-old nephew.

2. Diana calling Jules's firm to look for Jules--what was that all about? Was it to talk to Jules about her son? Or to pave Jules's way to be welcomed back into her old law firm? What? If she's seeking representation as Cal implied, why didn't she just ask Cal for her phone number and call her directly? Why go through the firm?

3. Hallie and Max was the couple from the previous book. Hallie is also Jules's ex-roommate, and Max is Cal's friend. Nowhere in this book did it say that these four people knew each other, though I haven't read the previous book so I'm not sure if they had all met before. So, when Jules was texting Hallie, I had the impression Jules was merely venting to a friend, who didn't know Cal but knew Jules's situation. So that later on, when Cal went to have drinks with Max, who suddenly told him that "Hallie said Jules was as miserable as you", it comes as a bit of a surprise to me.

4. Near the end of the story, something happened (sorry, can't say what as it would be a spoiler). Cal is a billionaire and a good businessman; you'd expect him to be able to deal with things under pressure, given his age and the experience he'd gained in handling a billion-dollar business since he was twenty-five. But when this thing happened, he became an emotional wreck and couldn't do anything except call Jules for help. I find that unbelievable. Sure, he'd call Jules for emotional support, but I can't believe he'd be so much of a wreck that he couldn't do a bloody thing, but left it to Jules to contact people for information and help. As a billionaire, doesn't he have a wider network of contacts, high-tech security companies to call on, plus it happened in his city!
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