Essence of Desire

Lee Roberts
Essence of Desire


Blushing Books
Release Date
January 2016
Erotic Romance

The captivating story of one man's search for understanding and meaning, as he's gripped by the overpowering and stupefying forces of desire, sexuality and love. He hopes his journey through his life's memories will hold the key to his current dilemma – a simple kiss from a woman which has sent him reeling. Dare he ride that tumultuous roller-coaster ride of passion again, which has carried him to heights of ecstasy and to valleys of despair? Can he resist those powers seemingly beyond his control?
This erotic tale of a man seeking to know himself and the world we live in may just be the panacea we strive for – and in the process rekindle the great bonfires within us, yearning to be set ablaze.
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