Crimson Sunsets

Lacee Hightower
Crimson Sunsets

Evernight Publishing
Release Date
April 2018
Book 2 of Beautiful People
Erotic Romance

Hartley Shipman, thirty-three-year-old woman, moves to Dallas, Texas to pursue a new future. In mere days, she will begin her job as Office Manager/Insurance Specialist for the famous cosmetic surgeon Tyler Yates, in the Plano location.
After plumbing problems have her staying with her brother, attorney Jackson Shipman, she awakens and heads for coffee, only to drop her phone and jab her funny bone into the wall. Unbeknownst to Hartley, when she starts to stand up from retrieving her phone, a handsome man is standing in front of her.
The stranger is no stranger at all. He's the boy from her middle-school Shop class. Justin Wisely.
After untraditional introductions are made, Justin takes her to breakfast where old feelings return. Unfortunately, he has no desire for anything - other than fun.
Evolving into a sexual relationship, circumstances arise that distance Hartley from Justin. Her biological father was married to his mother for a short time.
Eventually overlooking the small fact that the woman he's falling for is the daughter of the man he's hated for a life time, their relationship turns tender. Loving.
Until Hartley turns up pregnant. She's no longer trustworthy in Justin's eyes. She knew he didn't want children.
Hartley breaks things off and returns to Topeka. Pregnant and alone, she tells Justin she's still in love with her ex. But Jackson, the brother who doesn't really like Justin and urged his baby sister to stay away from him, sees the change. The misery in his eyes. He decides to urge his little sister to do the right thing.
She goes back to Dallas. She knows instantly after seeing Justin, that it's her permanent home.
From the beginning of their whirlwind relationship, through all the ups and downs, their love never ceases. It only grows. It's unconditional.


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