Rescued by the Baron

Jessica Coulter Smith
Rescued by the Baron

Coastal Escape Publishing
Release Date
November 2014
Book 1 of Ladies of the Night
Historical Romance

A woman on the run. A man with a tragic past. Neither are prepared for what fate holds for them.

Lilian Broussard hasn't had an easy life. No better than a swamp rat, she's lived her life in a one-room shack in the bayou of New Orleans, sleeping on a dirt floor and eating whatever scraps her parents tossed her way. When they sell her to Madame Giselle, a notorious madam, Lilian knows she must take action. Fleeing into the streets of New Orleans, she determines to survive any way she can.

James Burlington, Baron Kilnworthy, escaped London to make a new life in America, one where he gets to keep his head attached to his neck. Seeking to ease the loneliness in his life, he heads to Storyville, the infamous district of New Orleans where a man can find pleasures of the flesh, without the attachments or entanglements of the heart.

When the two collide, they aren't prepared for the journey set before them. With the infamous madam hot on Lilian's heels, she knows time is not on her side. But just how far will the baron be willing to go to keep her safe?


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