Baby and All

Paige Warren
Baby and All

JCS Books
Release Date
April 2009
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

On the run from her ex-boyfriend, Fiona is pregnant and tired when she collapses near a small town. Her car having broken down, she's stranded and alone, frightened that Garret will catch her, knowing what she'll suffer at his hands if he does.

Aidan stumbles upon Fiona and takes charge of the situation, going so far as to give her a place to stay. Fighting his attraction to his unexpected guest, he wishes that Fiona would be more open with him. He knows she's in trouble, just one look into her haunted eyes tells him that much.

Fiona knows she's can't stay long with Aidan, not with Garret on her trail, but oh how she wants to! Being in Aidan's arms makes her feel safe, something she hasn't felt in quite a while. Is it foolish to wish she could have a happily ever after? Or will her wish come true?


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