A Fine Line

Sue Horsford
A Fine Line
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Totally Bound Publishing
Release Date
November 2016
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

No one would understand that my submission empowered me, that I felt stronger kneeling at Gabriel's feet than I ever had standing at Paul's side.

Faye Austin seems to have it all—a fulfilling career, a successful husband, a beautiful home. But appearances can be deceptive and sometimes Faye can't help thinking she's living the wrong life. A lifetime of being compared to her beautiful younger sister, Ginny, has left her feeling second best, and a chance discovery while looking at her husband's laptop has led her to realize that her marriage is not all it seems.

Then she meets the handsome Gabriel Scott, a man who likes to play sexual games of power and control, and suddenly everything makes sense. Gabriel's natural dominance is so compelling that Faye feels her own submissiveness awakening in response, a reaction that both horrifies and excites her. She works with victims of domestic abuse and is adamant that no man will ever tell her what to do. But there's something about Gabriel that draws her in and gives her a glimpse of who she really wants to be.

Can Gabriel give her what she needs? Or will Ginny get there first?

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Jun 17, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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There's a fine line between most things—right and wrong, pleasure and pain, laughter and crying, humor and sarcasm, dominance and submission—and in Sue Horsford's A FINE LINE, there are many and as you read, you might find yourself asking, "What would you do?" Would you dance back and forth across that line? Would you stick to one side? Or would you throw caution to the wind and obliterate that line taking what's offered and turning it into something exquisite?

Likes: Ms. Horsford gives us a slice of life story in that we are made to feel privy to the relationship between Faye and Paul, and then Faye and Gabriel. Faye's insecurities come across as very real and something I might see in myself or others. Her relationship with Gabriel progressed at an even pace and their chemistry (especially as compared to her interactions with Paul) was enjoyable to read.

Dislikes: Given the decent length to the story, Faye's seeming insta-decision to become Gabriel's submissive seemed to come too fast and while I don't expect authors to be cautionary in their tales, there were aspects to this story that set off flags for me.

*Note and potential spoiler alert: I know there are some readers who are offended by stories where someone cheats on his/her partner, if that is you, then I do suggest skipping this story. But if it helps, there is more than one happily ever after and ultimately, one of the underlying lessons to be learned from this story (yes, there is at least one) is to "be true to yourself".
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