Memories of Us: The Complete Boxed Set Series

Muffy Wilson
Memories of Us: The Complete Boxed Set Series


Release Date
August 2016
Book 4 of Memories of Us Series
Contemporary Romance

Love is like wine,
It gets better with age.

Memories of a lost love often fade in and out, but what always remains is that lasting feeling of "what could have been." In this three-book series, three unlikely couples rekindle what should have started long ago. Life often gets in the way of passion and need, but these three romantic and very sexy stories reveal what does happen if you don't let love slip away. Instead of reflecting on the past, grab life and create a future of love and happiness. Don't believe in "what could have been," welcome "what should be."

The Memories of Love series will take you back and spurn your desire to make it happen.

The Touch ~
When childhood memories foster adulthood dreams built in a past shared by two...

Former childhood friends, Travis and Lovie are reunited by a common cause. Their childhood playground, where their memories and dreams were created, is being torn down. The destruction of the playground brings them both back to the days when they were young, innocent, and carefree. Reliving their memories and days of old inspires them to ignite passions they buried long ago. Now, Travis and Lovie, must face the demolition of their past. But will they construct a future from their nostalgia?

The Embrace ~
The unforgiving gray waves give up not its dead but the reason to love again…

Stifled by the grief of losing her husband, a newly widowed woman decides the only way to ease her suffering is to end it all. Overcome by pain, she walks willingly into the rough and ruthless surf. She never expects that in an effort to end her life that she'll once again find reason to live.

Strong, bold and alarmed the towering stranger's life changes the second he witnesses a grief-stricken woman attempt to end her life. Determined to rescue her from the pitiless surf, he plunges into the water, saving the woman from her unrelenting sorrow. Together, they learn that life changes in the ripple of a tide.

The Kiss ~
Never too old to fall in


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