Meatballs, Mayhem, and Max

Katie Bryan
Meatballs, Mayhem, and Max

Release Date
May 2018
Book 2 of The WOOF Books
Chick-lit, Clean Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Light, laugh out loud chick lit. With a dog. ** The WOOF Books are short novellas. They're all approximately 10-15k words. **
What will Sophie Zinelli's family do when they find out she's bringing home a dog and giving him a job in their family's restaurant (Try The Veal)? Max's vet insists Max needs a job. But what kind of a job can a huge, wily, neurotic dog like Max get in a fine dining establishment? Why, becoming a maitre'd of course. Maybe. If Max will quit eating the profits, stealing grandma's dentures, and can charm a skeptical food critic. But first Sophie enlists the aid of her commitment-phobic boyfriend, Jack, his dog Buttercup, and Max's friend, Tilley the cat. Then Sophie must figure out who is sabotaging Max at every turn before Sophie's very large, very loud, very Italian family banishes them both for good.
Love dogs? Join Sophie as Max gets trained! He's the most loveable, conning, canine reprobate to walk on four legs.


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