The Royals of Monterra: Holiday with a Prince

Carolyn Rae
The Royals of Monterra: Holiday with a Prince


Kindle World
Release Date
April 2018
Book 2 of The Royals of Monterra

Aspiring travel writer, Kelly Chandler's heart beats faster when soccer star, Prince Mario of the Royals of Monterra negotiates plane seats for them after the gate closes. Clueless about sports, can she compete with the beauties he's dated? After he takes her to tea with Queen Aria, she learns activists have been plotting to overthrow the monarchy. Later, they cause trouble for her and Prince Mario. He flies her to the pyramids and they narrowly escape an eruption on Mt. Etna. When his plane crashes in the mountains, they spend the night cuddling together in a cave. She realizes she loves him, but will his former lover win back his heart?
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