#1 Lie

T. Gephart
#1 Lie
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Release Date
June 2018
Book 4 of #1
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Working in Hollywood meant Jessica Dawson was used to lying. As an assistant to one of the biggest agents in town, biting her tongue and spewing out sugarcoated untruths were an almost daily occurrence. But fabricating alternate realities never spilled into her personal life, until three months ago when she told the biggest lie of all.

While her dear gran lay on her deathbed, Jessica mentioned she'd met her soul mate. It had been Gran's last wish to see all her grandkids settled down before she went to see Jesus. And as the only one still single, Jessica didn't have the heart to disappoint her.

No one expected Gran to make a miraculous recovery.

Now, Gran was expecting to meet Jessica's perfect man at her cousin's wedding, which meant she needed to find a perfect man fast. Hiring a professional was the only solution.

Enter Dave Larsson, younger brother to one of Hollywood's elite.

Sexy, funny and just as smoldering hot as his super-famous sibling—he had talent and charm to spare. But most importantly, he was affordable and available.

All she needed to do was haul Dave home, have him meet Gran and the family, then shortly after the wedding, "break up" with him.

It was either that, or admit to her #1 Lie.

Only thing she didn't plan on was the bigger lie she would need to tell herself when it was time to let him go.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jun 13, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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4 nose-growing stars for #1 LIE!

One little lie. Just an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie little lie to her gran, and Jessica Dawson is screwed. When gran was on her death bed, Jess confirmed that she had a man so gran would be able to leave knowing her babies were happy. But gran recovered, and now Jess has a wedding to attend…with a plus one. As the assistant to an LA talent agent, a plot is hatched to take one of her agency's actors, Dave Larsson. Dave is sick of getting dog food commercials, but pretending to be Jess's boyfriend isn't exactly a hardship. Jess is thrilled when he agrees…she genuinely enjoys his company, and damn, the man isn't tough to look at! But she bit off more than she could chew when they start spending time together, because he's everything she never knew she wanted in a man. Fooling her family won't be hard, it's not fooling herself that might prove the most challenging.

#1 LIE was so much fun! While the story (play pretend boyfriend/girlfriend for the sake of a family affair) wasn't new, I totally enjoyed Ms. Gephart's take on the sitch. Dave was absolutely fabulous…what a sweet, flirty, sexy dude that one was (I was completely picturing one of the yummy Hemsworth brothers the entire time)! Jess, the little liar, amused and frustrated me. She could've easily ended the charade a dozen different ways, but just kept digging deeper instead. For as smart as she kept saying she was? Girlfriend lost the common sense raffle in the gray matter lottery. I did adore them together however, no matter how stupid Jess's life choices were, and the sex scenes, while few, were well written and lip bitingly delicious. But her family? Loved. Them! They might've been the best part of #1 LIE, with their wacky attitudes and gossipy personas. Overall, book 4 in the #1 series was a lighthearted and funny read that I recommend to anyone who loves sexy romcom stories!

Bottom Line: No OM/OW or sharing; condom use; no BDSM/kink; no sexual assault; no violence/murder.
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