Steady Rain

Tymber Dalton
Steady Rain
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
February 2018
BDSM, Erotic Romance

When a hurricane takes Jessica's home, gives her a new dog, and forces her return to Florida, she's determined to focus on herself and definitely isn't looking for a relationship after her cheating ex shredded her trust. Enter Tristan and Kyle, and the two hunky Doms soon work their way under her skin.

Tristan and Kyle were friends and roommates first, and run a rope group together, but the attraction between them finally boils over into more. Still, they're possibly open to a third if they meet the right woman. That's when Jessica drops into their lives.

When their kinky and vanilla lives merge in an unexpected way, outside forces at play threaten to destroy their happiness before they even have a chance to explore their new dynamic together. Between meddling exes and painful pasts, it all combines to create an emotionally explosive situation that might leave all three of their hearts shattered if they can't find a solution together.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Oct 06, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Rope bunnies unite! For those who enjoy knotty times with two sexy men, this is the book for you. Tristan and Kyle have been friends for a long time and now roommates. After watching one another experience one failed relationship after another, they finally take a good look at each other and realize they should be together. Just as they are starting on this lovely mm relationship, a sexy female whirls into their world. Jessica is sans home and lover but comes with an abandoned dog. Jessica can sympathize with her new found pet. They are both in similar situations - homeless and unwanted.

These three start off with a tentative relationship. It is professional with Jessica taking erotic photographs of Tristan and Kyle's rope bondage. This brings them tighter together and they explore their possible personal side -- a tasty threesome. Of course, it is not a Tymber Dalton book if there isn't a dastardly villain in the background ready to pounce on our protagonist's newfound happiness. This book will take a reader through an emotional ride and come out a bit frazzled yet feeling good.

The conflicts in this story are all too real. I know I've mentioned it before, but I really think Ms. Dalton is writing the life and times of the kinky people around her. Maybe some of it is with their blessing and others… they have no clue she is writing down every little thing that happens to them and possibly incorporating it into her stories. Wherever Ms. Dalton is getting her inspiration, her stories come across real to life and relatable. These are average people for the most part that we could pass by on the street. The struggles are tangible and the problems are all too familiar. Ms. Dalton gives us this harsh reality check yet she softens it with a romantic happily ever after or happily for now. This kinky romance is recommended for ménage readers who enjoy rope bondage.
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