Like the Seasons

Tymber Dalton
Like the Seasons
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
March 2018
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Boyd's determined to make his relationship with Caleb succeed, no matter what they must do to keep it a secret at work until they can transfer Caleb. The fact that Caleb isn't freaked out over Boyd's long-lost daughter, Ella, is more proof, to Boyd, that they're meant to be together.

Caleb never thought he'd find happiness—until a friend's sneakiness brought him and Boyd together. But Caleb knows his family won't be happy if they discover his secret. Between keeping the situation hidden at work, and avoiding his family, it's stressful. Helping Boyd's daughter is not only the right thing to do, it's a great distraction.

When Ella's nearly killed, Caleb steps forward to help the man he loves by taking over to care for her, adding yet another complication to their already shaky situation. But when Caleb's family decides to meddle, Boyd refuses to back down and will do whatever it takes to fight for his boy…and their happiness.

Related Books: Boyd is first and briefly introduced in Steady Rain, and this book is a sequel to Indifference of Heaven. (

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Jan 14, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Boss and subordinate stories are hot for a reason. Their illicit nature is defined by their inherit power exchange. In most cases, it is the Boss who is the one in charge. In the continuation of Boyd and Caleb's romance, this holds true… in the bedroom. Expecting a happily ever after and not a follow up book, this story caught me off guard. This is what happens after the happily ever after. This book should not be read as a standalone. It is best to read the preceding book, Indifference of Heaven.

Every time I think life can't get any messier, Ms. Dalton takes a reader on for a ride on the crazy train. Both plot devices she uses in this story are familiar and prevalent in romance novels. The difference is there are no contrived miscommunications to cause a drama lama conflict. Instead, it feels like these are real people who experience life with all the ups and downs that come with it. In some sense, these stories are less sugar-coated and more showing the ugly truths. Learning about Boyd's long lost daughter is heartbreaking. If Boyd were not the character he is and how Ms. Dalton created him, perhaps it wouldn't be as painful to see. Since Boyd is a caring man who does his best to always help others, finding out how an unknown daughter lived a hard life without him destroys him. Keeping his daughter from him in the way it was done is just evil. Still, the ones who kept this from him received the ending they so justly earned. I felt vindicated when Boyd delivered his brand of justice.

The second plot device is once again, a religious conservative family who doesn't take well to their son being gay. Cue eye rolling here. This plot device is a bit heavy-handed and most of the authors who use this take it to the extreme. Perhaps in their lives they only experience this kind of negativity. Luckily for me, I come from a conservative religious family and we still love and support our family member who is gay. I digress. Caleb's family is just terrible. They don't embody what all conservative Christians believe. However, in this day and age where so much hatred is spewed from all sides, it is not surprising that I see such a unconscionable response to a family member. This story does represent reality in many ways. Both parties firmly believe their way is the "one true way".

This story is less about romance and more about building strong relationships. After the sweet honeymoon is over, it takes work to keep a relationship going. This story spells it out clearly and painfully. Love it. This erotic romance is recommended to readers who enjoy angsty themes.
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