Through With Love

Tymber Dalton
Through With Love
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
April 2018
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Kent is through with love and convinced one man can never satisfy him—or his "monster." He takes his pleasure from the sexy parties he throws for his friends, watching in silent envy as one after another pairs off and finds love. Meanwhile, an endless string of guys parade through his own bed, while his heart remains completely walled off.

Tim and Paul accidentally fell together, but it was lust at first sight with love soon to follow. They both enjoy their sexy after-hours funtime. When Kent stumbles onto their games, it adds a delicious bonus to their business relationship and redefines the phrase "strange bedfellows."

Except what starts as fun soon turns into more for Tim and Paul. They know Kent is scared of commitment and has shadows in his past. So does Tim. Can Paul show both men this could be forever, and can they win not only Kent's trust, but his heart, before it's too late?

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Jan 21, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Minor characters from previous books in this series magically appear and feature in their own story. Usually in a series, the focus is on a set group of characters. In this long running Suncoast Society series, it is different because readers get to learn about each person in this community first hand. I can't imagine this series ending because there are so many people and each person has a story to share. Ms. Dalton invited us into a secret world and I love it.

This one features Kent. Kent showed up previously as the jaded "hostess with the mostest" when it comes to all-out orgies. Why does Kent throw these parties? Because he needs to find some way for a man to take his monster of a dick. Yes, this story loosely revolves around a gigantic dick. Since I've seen some pretty large dildos--the Marvel's Incredible Hulk comes mind, I can not help but think of Kent with a large green dick. Similar to how Bruce Banner "hulks" out, Kent's dick when aroused also "hulks" out. Ms. Dalton sneakily doesn't give exact measurements. This allows a reader to imagine Kent's dick in epic proportions.

Dick jokes and imagery aside, this story is actually a bit melancholy and sweet. Kent may be popular with his invite-only parties, but after a while, it does get old. Sex without connection can be brutal. Kent's finally come to a stage where he understands that he needs more. His past experiences hinder him from wanting to move forward, until he meets the cute couple--Tim and Paul.

From an erotica perspective, this story is blazing hot. I loved every single sex scene. The kinky twists and the domination is exquisite. The power exchange and the sweet pain mixed in with the rough pleasure is a delight. One of my favourite mixes is pain and pleasure together. Ms. Dalton conjures detailed sexy imagery with her words. It's more than just seeing the images play like a movie. The emotions invoked as well as the way she brings in the other senses, I felt like I stepped into a virtual reality. I vicariously lived through Tim and Paul's kinky relationship and it is so good. The triad is definitely one of the more memorable ones in this series. This erotic romance is recommended to kinky mm readers who enjoy a bit of edging.
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