The Carrero Heart ~ Happy Ever Afters

The Carrero Heart ~ Happy Ever Afters

Pict Publishing
Release Date
April 2018
Book 6 of The Carrero Series
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance

SOPHIE HUNTSBERGER and ARRICK CARRERO start their new life together in France, where Sophie hopes to follow her dream and finish her term in the Paris Fashion Academy.

Everything seems too good to be true and a happy ever after is clearly on the cards. Or is it?

Unforeseen long separations and being cut off from family and friends half way across the world all take a toll.

And that's on top of the conflicts Sophie is facing from fellow students who see her as a threat.

While the threads unravel faster than Sophie can sew them back up, life takes a drastic turn - and Sophie and Arrick's love faces a critical test.

This is the final instalment of the Sophie and Arrick story. Is it the end? Or is it happy ever after?

You'll be holding your breath to the very last page.

Contains some mature, adult content, and language.


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