Anna Markland


Bleubelle Press
Release Date
February 2018
Book 2 of The Montbryce Legacy Anniversary Edition
Action/Adventure Romance, Historical fiction, Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, Historical Romance

A sentence of death is the inevitable punishment for those who defy the laws of William the Conqueror.
After the successful Norman invasion of England, Renouf de Malbadon steals Devona Melton's wealthy Saxon estates, forcing her into marriage and her family into bondage as his servants. He conceals dangerous secrets but she is powerless to challenge him and his thugs.
Hugh de Montbryce is a member of an illustrious Norman family, a celebrated warrior, but he carries unseen scars from the Battle of Hastings and intends never to marry. However, he cannot turn a blind eye when he becomes aware of Renouf's cruel and callous treatment of a woman he is drawn to.
He risks everything the Montbryces hold dear to save Devona from her tormentor, incurring the wrath of his king in the process.
Sybilla de Sancerre is a foreigner, an Angevin, but she knows Renouf's secrets; revealing them will save Hugh, but at the cost of her own life—unless she marries a Norman. Hugh's brother is in love with Sybilla, but will she deem Antoine's offer of marriage a ploy to secure her testimony on his brother's behalf? Such a marriage to a woman from Anjou, Normandy's traditional enemy, might be considered treason. Will love dare enough to risk the Conqueror's wrath?


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