Scales and A Tail

Stormy Glenn
Scales and A Tail
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
May 2011
Book 2 of Midnight Matings
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

The paranormal world is in chaos. The elders are tired of their younger people playing the field, causing trouble, and fighting with each other. Everyone who attends the UPAC Conference now has twenty-four hours to claim a mate of a different species. If they don't, they will never have a mate. The spell is cast. There is no escaping the Midnight Matings.
Beauregard Stratford is a bunny shifter. Simple enough, right? Unfortunately, he is the only white bunny shifter in existence. He also is cursed with violet eyes, hyperactivity, a strong weakness for anything shiny, and a penchant for leaving bubble gum everywhere.
When he finds himself mated to Sebastian Drakus, a dragon shifter and prince of his kind, Beauregard can't seem to make himself behave no matter how hard he tries. He wants to be good, to make Sebastian proud of him, really he does, but things just keep happening to him…bubble gum mishaps, getting drunk, not to mention that fact that he is a true bunny and constantly horny. Nothing seems to go right. Can he convince Sebastian he's worth the trouble, or will the dragon prince wash his hands of the whole bunny fiasco?

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Jul 17, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SCALES AND A TAIL will have you rolling on the floor. The second in the Midnight Mating's series gives us the story of Beauregard Stratford, a bunny shifter and Sebastian Drakus, a dragon shifter and the prince of his kind, insert joke here. This story broke my heart, and made me laugh out loud. They are my favorite couple of the series….so far!

The elders of the paranormal race turned their world upside down when they decreed that everyone had to find and claim a mate in 24 hours and that mate had to be of a different species. Sebastian Drakus thought it was a joke, but the ensuing chaos convinces him it is not. While trying to make his way out of the Great Hall a small man grabs onto his leg and won't let go.

Beauregard just wants out. There is no way the Elders can force him to mate, if he can just make it out of the Great Hall. Trying to escape every Alpha in the room, he latches onto a leg in front of him and refuses to let go. After fighting off a stubborn werewolf to keep Beau safe, Sebastian takes matters into his own hands and decides to mate the man himself.

Thinking all they have to do is register the mating and go their separate ways, they are once again shocked to find out there are certain requirements that force them to consummate the mating. They may have gotten off to a rocky start but Sebastian and Beau are determined to make the best of the situation. Unfortunately, someone else doesn't want them to succeed.

If this book had a theme, it would be miscommunication. While this added to the overall story line and made for some really funny moments, like who knew apples would get a bunny drunk, it was also the reason for some of the more hurtful moments in the book. Beau has to be my favorite character from this series, but all bunny shifters should come with a "how to" manual.

Sebastian was everything a dragon should be and so much more. What he did to apologize to Beau was so very touching and proved how much he not only physically loved his mate, but how well he had come to know his mate's idiosyncrasies.

If you are a fan of odd parings and watching them struggle through their learning process, you are going to love this book. Lots of surprise moments that will make you laugh and one fabulous AWWWW moment. I am still trying to get a mental picture of Beau's "flexibility". If not for the editing errors, this would have been a five for me. I am looking forward to more from this series.
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