DeAnn Smallwood


Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date
May 2019
Book 2 of Wyoming Brothers
Clean Romance, Western Romance

Declan joined the military right after high school graduation. He left his two brothers, his Gran, and the Double K Ranch behind him. Because of his accuracy with a rifle, he became part of the special op's outfit assigned to Iraq. On patrol through a shelled town, he came across a baby girl abandoned on a garbage heap. He took her to an orphanage but immediately fell in love with her. After much red tape and help from a United States Senator, he was able to adopt the baby and come home to the Double K. He'd been gone five years. The Double K had been left by his deceased parents to his older brother. However, they left him an equal amount of acreage. He had dreams of building a house there for him and his daughter and starting a police equine training academy. It was when he hired a contractor he met the heroine who owned the business. She's a bitter, withdrawn woman who had suffered a great loss. She miscarried a baby-a girl, and can't have further children. She is afraid to allow herself to love another child and claims to dislike children and wants no part of them. She agrees to build his house and gradually allows herself to fall in love with this dynamic man and his precious daughter. He trained and passed the exam to become a certified equine trainer for police mounts. Through many set-backs and with Caitlin's help (the heroine) he starts the academy. Then comes the phone call from the orphanage in Iraq. The Sisters are being called back to the States and closing the orphanage. They have managed to place all the orphans except one-a little boy who is deaf.. No one wants him because of his deafness. Declan, (the hero) is their last hope. Again, with the help of the Senator, Declan reluctantly agrees to adopt the boy. Caitlin realizes Declan holds the key to her happiness. She accepts his love and proposal. She puts aside all her earlier bitterness and whole-heartedly embraces the special children and the love of this strong man.


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