Spirit Shattered

Tessa McFionn
Spirit Shattered


Etopia Press
Release Date
June 2018
Book 4 of The Guardians
Paranormal Romance

Only a Guardian's love can soothe her jaded heart.

Growing up in South Boston, Danika Callaghan had been taught early on that life is neither kind nor fair. Fighting has kept her alive on more than one occasion. Under the abusive roof of her brutal uncle, she battles to keep her innocent nephew safe from harm amidst the horrors of her trapped existence. With no one in her corner and no real friends to speak of, she questions the purpose of it all. Yet, a fateful turn down one back alley leads her into a world where she learns heroes are real, and not every man is a monster.

Every Guardian Warrior had been recruited during the heat of battle. Ukrainian boyar Anton Yurchenko met his fate standing on the steps of Saint Sophia's cathedral. Dedicated to the belief in peace and armed with the powerful mental skills of a Conduit, he has fought to protect humanity with grace and dignity. However, when a fiery slip of a girl saves his life, he is determined to discover the mysteries behind her skittish exterior. Aided by his mentor and fellow Guardian, Eamon McClearon, he struggles between the rock of his duties and the hard place of his undeniable connection to his beautiful warrior.

But an evil storm is on the horizon. Rogue leader Claude Fornier is determined to destroy Anton once and for all. To this end, he sends Rogue Conduit Boris Chrystian, his second, and former ally of Anton, into the shadows. If Claude can trick this mercurial female into giving in to her darker nature, his ultimate victory over the noble Guardian will be devastating.

Opposed on all sides, Anton must convince Danika of his pure intentions. But is his belief in her strong enough or will her tormented soul fall prey to his manipulative foe?


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