Waltz into fire

L.J. Garland; Debbie Gould
Waltz into fire


Decadent Publishing
Release Date
March 2018
Book 1 of The Sentinels
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

What would you do if you heard fire whispering in your ear? Would you listen? What if that fire led you to your soul mate...only to discover he had two weeks left to live? Would you walk away or seize the time remaining? What if, during those few days, you learned the man you loved was linked to an evil entity? Do you trust your love?

Firefighter, Fallon Anderson, believes she's gone mad. While she searches for a young boy in a blazing house, the fire speaks to her, guiding her to his location. Once she has him safely outside, the boy is whisked off to the hospital while a handsome paramedic onsite tends to her injuries. Though she's sworn off men since her last boyfriend broke her heart, she might make an exception for the attractive medic.

Zane West's days are numbered. Down to less than three weeks, he spends what time he has left saving lives. He's impressed by the sexy firefighter carrying the kid from the burning home. Attraction flares, but with only a few days of his life remaining, what would be the point of starting a relationship? However, her injuries dictate otherwise, and when he patches up Fallon, sparks fly between them…literally.

Passion ignites regardless of the secrets they both struggle to keep hidden. And it's those very secrets that hurl them into a paranormal battle. Fallon and Zane will have to trust one another with their deepest fears if they hope to win the desperate race against time where the prize on the line is their souls. Only together can they hope to survive.


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