Just For Megan

Melanie Bennett
Just For Megan

Release Date
April 2018
Book 2 of Passion Series
Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Young Adult Romance

Fate held her breath, transfixed. Time stilled. The pivotal, magical moment made for them... The triumph of destiny.

Beneath the touches that felt inexplicitly right, stirred an undeniable, profound linking of two. Ancient and understood. So extreme, yet truly rare, it fascinated one and frightened the other... Their eyes met again. Intense and uncertain. Their stares magnified and mirrored awareness and familiarity. Brown reflected upon blue. Blue revealed unto brown. Her stormy gaze leveled on Ric Pallindino. He was ... beautiful. His pleasing image growled experienced man. A man that knew his target , his mark. A man that took measured and precise aim. Megan could feel the red-hot laser pinpoint over her heart. The cross hairs centered on her back. That in itself terrified Megan. Her heart pounded and echoed in her ears. Megan's face flushed and she was certain she felt her eye twitching...

Ric Pallindino and Megan O'Dwyer.
Their seemingly chance meeting, inevitable.

Megan O'Dwyer is a beer and burger girl, practical and grounded. Forced to abandon the innocence of childhood far too soon, she stumbles along the path she chose. Her dreams and goals are on pause until further notice, while she works two jobs.
For Megan, Love has left a deep cut on her soul. It doesn't gape, but it hasn't healed. Love came again, with an ultimatum, a price she refused to pay.
Megan expected her life to be lonely, it went with the territory. Regardless, she loved her decision and shame would never be allowed to taint it.
Except, Ric Pallindino stormed into her life, disrupting her world and flooded her with hope. Everything she had wished for, promised in his warm brown eyes, in his touch.

Ric Pallindino takes a hard turn and veers away from his brother's shadow. From the maneaters that prey on his attention. Convinced the younger Pallindino brother must be as notorious and reckless as the older.
Ric's existence has been held hostage by remorse and guilt. His past taunts him. A d
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