Naapiikoan Winter

Alethea Williams
Naapiikoan Winter

C. A. Williams
Release Date
May 2016

At the turn of a new century, changes unimagined are about to unfold.

THE WOMAN: Kidnapped by the Apaches, a Mexican woman learns the healing arts. Stolen by the Utes, she is sold and traded until she ends up with the PiikŠni. All she has left are her skills--and her honor. What price will she pay to ensure a lasting place among the People?

THE MAN: Raised in a London charitable school, a young man at the end of the third of a seven year term of indenture to the Hudson's Bay Company is sent to the Rocky Mountains to live among the PiikŠni for the winter to learn their language and to foster trade. He dreams of his advancement in the company, but he doesn't reckon the price for becoming entangled in the passions of the PiikŠni.

THE LAND: After centuries of conflict, NŠŠpiikoan traders approach the PiikŠni, powerful members of the Blackfoot Confederation. The PiikŠni already have horses and weapons, but they are promised they will become rich if they agree to trap beaver for NŠŠpiikoan. Will the People trade their beliefs for the White Man's bargains?

Partially based on the works of Canadian trader, explorer, and mapmaker David Thompson, NŠŠpiikoan Winter spans a continent, examining the cultures in flux at the passing of one era and the painful birth of another.


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