Primal Heat

Crystal Heat
Primal Heat


Release Date
October 2010
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

With the ability to shapeshift into white tigers, the Kiths have arrived on Earth in search of their 'One' - the soul mates who are destined to satisfy their scorching lust...U.S. Sergeant Major Bren Preston has no control over keeping half-human, half-tiger Kith Ambassador Lord Farid Arjun from entering her dreams at night - and surrendering to the feral hunger he sets off in her. Though powerless in dreams, she's determined to never succumb to her desires in person. But seeing Farid transform into his magnificent feline form elicits a wild passion that won't be denied...Jana Townsend doesn't know what's more incredible: Falling in love with a shapeshifter or discovering that the Kith Emperor Kyber traveled the universe to find her. Now together, their union is a perfect joining of souls and bodies as Jana discovers a ravenous desire that begs to be sated again and again...
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