Battle Scars

Helen Blacksmith
Battle Scars
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Release Date
May 2018
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

After Army medic Andrea King loses her girlfriend and son in a car accident she is deployed for a 15 month tour in Afghanistan. Already not in a good frame of mind, she sees things there that will haunt her. When she returns home she becomes both depressed and suicidal as she seeks helps from her local VA. When she is unable to connect with anyone, she begins drinking and engaging in reckless behavior. One night at a bar she meets Michelle Adams, an escort, and decides to accept her offer for 3500 for the night. After spending a passionate but silent night together, Andy makes an appointment for the next week and then the next and the next and soon they are meeting every Wednesday never speaking. But when Michelle witnesses one of Andy's violent nightmares she realizes the trauma she has endured and how much they really have in common.

Book Review by Ana (reviewer)
Aug 27, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A beautiful and emotional story of love in the middle of chaos.

Army medic Andrea King has lost her family and her desire to live. Struggling with depression and addiction she decides to go to a bar where she meets Michelle, who's also fighting to keep herself alive in the middle of what her life has become. Their meetings, once a week, are proving to be more powerful than anything they have to face, to conquer the demons each of them are struggling with.

It was a hard story to read. It deals with a lot of pain but there's also so much hope in the end. It had a steady pace most of the time, but I did feel like the ending was a little rushed. The plot was really good but I would prefer a longer length because I feel like there were scenes that needed more time to get the reader into it. It has romance but it felt like sometimes it took more time describing the physical part instead of the emotional, which I prefer.

Overall, it was really good story. Beautiful message of rising above the adversities presented in life. I would recommend it to any reader who enjoy F/F pairing, especially the ones who enjoy hurt/comfort. Beware of scenes of sexual and physical violence, although none of them are really explicit.
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