Claimed by Christmas

Rexi Lake
Claimed by Christmas
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Rexi Lake
Release Date
July 2017
Book 1 of Claimed
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

A Just Say Yes Novel

Enter a world where characters take chances, try new things, and reach for their dreams when they choose to Just Say Yes.

A New Discovery

Kat never thought she'd find herself comfortable in a world filled with blatant sexuality and deviant needs. But a blind date led her to Nox, an elite, exclusive BDSM club that offered a haven to those with more…interesting sexual appetites.

An Exciting Twist

Brett and Jase have been searching for a third, a submissive woman who could take the darkest side of Brett and the playful side of Jase. When the woman they've lusted after for years suddenly appears in their world, they want nothing more than to tie her to their bed and to their hearts. And their particular brand of deviance has Kat hot, bothered, and ready to leap into the flames.

An Old Mistake

Just as Kat, Brett, and Jase are finding their way, a past heartache reappears to threaten the new romance. As Christmas approaches and the weather grows colder, will these three have the courage to break the ice and let the fires blaze between them again? Or will Brett and Jase once again be left with a cold space in their bed and a piece of their hearts missing?

Will Kat choose to fight for their chance at true love?

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Aug 30, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Rexi Lake's CLAIMED BY CHRISTMAS is a romantic story with an MMF pairing and strong elements of BDSM but given that the female lead, Katarina, is new to the lifestyle and male leads Brett and Jase aren't, there are strong elements of instruction that works well in the story.

Likes: I really like the trio and the fact that they were friends before they were coworkers and Rissa makes for a great best friend.

Dislikes: While I can understand that things that happen in childhood/teen can have a lasting impact on our psyche, I really didn't get why it was such a big deal to Kat (avoiding spoilers) and it really came across as a bit of much ado about nothing (as well as neverending). I might have felt different if I was reading a YA novel, but this most definitely is for mature readers. The shifting point of views was downright distracting at times and I found myself having to go back and re-read portions to make sure I knew whose head we were in. I don't know if I received an early copy of the story but the version I read had numerous grammatical issues that should have been caught on a final proofread, which also made for distracting reading when it was a wrong word choice, which changed the sentence. And in chapter 31, instead of giving us the Cyrillic version of the Russian saying, it would have been better using English letters. While I can appreciate a full-length novel, the story dragged at times, especially around their work stuff, and I found myself wishing it would move along and get back to the trio. But my dislikes might not be yours.

Overall, I was impressed with the effort. I liked the story premise and the characters were well-developed and likeable to read but it was difficult slogging through the point of views making what should be an easy read something that dragged on for several days until I was able to finish it.
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