Love's Passion

Mica Jade
Love's Passion


Mica Jade
Release Date
June 2011
Erotic Romance

After their daughter's lovely wedding, Sam and Beth are left with a flood of emotions. Sam finds it hard to leave the lovely resort town by the sea; Beth can't seem to leave the town soon enough. However, Sam has one last voyage in mind before they leave for familiar waters. Will a clandestine by-the-sea rendezvous set sail love's passion once again?

Love's Passion is a 5,700-word short story.

CAUTION: Love's Passion contains graphic and explicit sexual intimacy that will rock your boat!

This is an erotic short story.



Beth sat down on the padded bench seat and kicked off her sandals. Sam pulled up a wooden table chair. He had found a clean washcloth from a cupboard and soaked it in the small faucet on board. He began to take the cloth and caress her feet, wiping gently between each toe. He laid the cloth aside and began to rub deeply the soles of her feet, guiding his fingers down the ridges of each foot. Beth felt her anxiety begin to release as she let her mind take in his caresses.
"Oh, God. I think maybe that is all you will have to do to get me off today." She giggled. It felt so good to have his attention and hands on her, even the tiniest parts of her body. Her mind went to other places she would like to have those hands. "You know the last time I got a massage from you, you only did my upper half. You got slightly distracted on your way down to my feet." A tingling excitement rose within her. His touch was firm and persuasive. She wanted more.
"Yes, I remember I made a slight turn towards heaven with my fingers and tongue." He leaned up and traced her lips with his soft kiss.
"You're not getting distracted again are you?" His taste lingered over her lips. "Maybe a detour wouldn't be too bad. This feels so good." Beth loosened the neck strap of her halter letting it fall just above her breasts.
"No detour today, my Lady." He leaned back and continued to rub her feet with his long fingers.

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