Berlin Girls

Morgana Blackrose
Berlin Girls


Extasy Books
Release Date
June 2018
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

A tale of skin, sex, and a magical tattoo… When I saw the sign saying Strippers Wanted, I didn't believe they would want me. But they did…in every sense.

Old Berlin, the late 1970s.

As a somewhat innocent and hopeful girl of twenty-one years old, Phoenyx applies for a job as a stripper in the Kitty Klub of Old Berlin, a venue with a long and respected history of adult entertainment. New in town and in need of rent money and friends, Phoenyx soon finds both among the other entertainers and regulars at the Klub—and much more besides.

Along the way, she slides from one breathless erotic adventure to the next: from her first lesbian and group encounters with the flirty Olivia, to her first taste of transgender sex with the feisty hermaphrodite Honey, Phoenyx experiences the full range of tease, love, and lust, including a walk on the darker side of desire with her frustrated and dominant landlady, and passing affairs with just about anyone she takes a fancy to. But as she matures into a veteran erotic performer, can she also find true happiness in the glare of the red light—and whatever would her mother say if she found out about it all?

A trip to Tokyo with Honey opens her eyes to a new world of possibilities and provides her with an exotic tattoo, courtesy of Honey's old flame, Johnny Iko, which he tells her is magical and will define her future. The journey certainly changes her life—but whether for the better, only Fate, and the reborn Phoenyx, can decide.

But time and reality finally catch up with the Klub and its performers, heralding the end of an era of innocent debauchery. Can Phoenyx see all her dreams come true before the curtain falls for the last time?
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