Night Stalker

Angelina Evans
Night Stalker
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Changeling Press LLC
Release Date
April 2011
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Kayla: Phaeryn came to Earth looking for a small, delicate, submissive woman able to bear his children. Kayla's exactly what Phaeryn needs -- he just doesn't know that yet.

Allison: All Allison wanted when she stopped at the coffee shop was a latte. She wasn't looking for adventure, sex, love, or a Vampyryn. 'Til she met Vance…

Mya: The man of her dreams won't come to her so she sets out to find him, never dreaming that the only man for her isn't a man at all. Even the strength of a Vampyryn is no match for the power of a woman in love!

This collection contains the previously released Stalker series novellas Night Stalker, Night Stalker Christmas, Shadow Stalker, and Stalker's Stalker.

Book Review by Mia (reviewer)
Aug 13, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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NIGHT STALKER is a new spin on paranormal romance. This is a fun series that will keep you captivated from the first page.

First we have Kayla and Phaeryn. Kayla is a kick ass heroine who is tired of not getting her share of attention due to her full figure. Why does every man on earth what a size 0, flat chested woman? Will she ever find a man who is capable of handling her? Phaeryn wants a small submissive woman who will bear his children and not give him trouble. His vampire race is dying off and breeding with human women is the only way to keep his race alive. Deciding that he needs a quiet woman, Phaeryn goes to earth to find just that. But when he calls out for his soul mate, he was not expecting a tall big-breasted woman bearing down on him with fire in her eyes and a temper to match to answer him.

Next you will read about Allison and Vance. Allison is a quiet, shy librarian who fantazises about having wild encounters with a man. Nothing exciting has ever happened in her life. But one day having coffee at her local shop, she notices a sexy hot man who seems to be speaking to her in her head. Now Allison cannot control her body's response to him. Adventure is coming full force and nothing can stop it. Vance is having a good time being with as many woman as possible. He loves women of every shape size and color. So when he notices a petite young woman staring at him, his soul screams out to her. Now Vance has eyes only for Allison and he will do anything is his power to get her.

Finally the series ends with Mya and Angelo. Mya has a good life, with good friends and a good job. She never thought anything was missing, well except for a man. But the men around her don't interest her at all. She knows her soul mate is out there somewhere. She knows it deep down. Angelo is a troubled vampire. Scared, injured and ashamed of the monster he thinks he is has kept him isolated for years. He is better off without knowing love or compassion. But his heart still cries out for his soul mate each night. Coming to her may be dangerous for both of them, but is he strong enough to stop fate?

I like this series because it fulfills on many levels. It has a good plot, great character development, high sexual tension and just an overall great read. All of the characters were well written and diverse. The author does an amazing job of describing the motives and thoughts behind the characters. This is erotic paranormal/romantic suspense at its best! I loved the stories, the plots, the characters, everything about the books. Oh yeah, and the sex scenes were sizzling hot!
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