An Italian Count for Christmas

Sasha Cottman
An Italian Count for Christmas
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Release Date
August 2018
Book 1 of London Lords
Historical fiction, Historical Romance

Count Nico de Luca has been blessed with wealth, power, and a seductive Italian body. Though women lust after him, the one thing Nico has never been able to possess is the love of a woman.

After his intended bride jilts him to marry another, Nico decides that he will stick to matters of business and leave love to other fools.

Arriving in London to inspect his investments, he is invited to stay for Christmas as the guest of one of his tenants, a poor young widow, Isabelle Collins.

In Isabelle, Nico discovers a rare beauty, and as much as he fights temptation, he soon loses his heart to her.

Left in reduced circumstances by her blackguard of a late husband, Isabelle is in no hurry to hand her heart over to yet another self-assured male, especially one who has no intention of remaining in England.

But Nico is persuasive and nights of passion spent in his arms soon have Isabelle questioning the sort of future she wants. Can she risk giving up her country and home on the chance of finding love again?

When Nico discovers the shocking truth of how Isabelle's husband died, he realizes that he will have to risk everything he has to win Isabelle's heart and finally break his love curse.

Book Review by Blue (reviewer)
Oct 02, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Count Nico de Luca has been jilted and decides to travel to London to lick his wounds while examining the state of his family's business interests in England. His business manager has arranged for Nico to stay at a home he actually owns, but has leased out to Isabelle Collins. Little does he know that this home recently belonged to the widowed Isabelle's late husband, who sold it to pay off his gambling debts. Isabelle now has to pay rent to live in her own home, and she and her mother-in-law are in poor financial shape. When they are offered several months rent free in exchange for temporarily hosting Nico, they jump at the chance.

Nico and Isabelle get off to a rather inauspicious start, as Nico arrives early, and the new temporary servants aren't yet in residence. Nico, however, is a true gentleman, and apologizes profusely for his rudeness, and Isabelle is quite taken with the handsome Italian count. Though neither Nico nor Isabelle has any intentions of love or an affair, their attraction quickly flares, and their proximity leads them to giving in to temptation.

Both Nico and Isabelle are wonderful people who are suffering for different reasons--he for his broken engagement, and she for the mess her husband left her in. Despite this, they don't react bitterly and accept the gift of love that fell to them. Isabelle is a strong and resourceful woman making the best of a bad situation, and I love the relationship she had with her mother-in-law. Though Nico is the son of a duke, he's also a shrewd businessman and isn't afraid to pursue the truth. A bit of conflict ensues when it seems that there is a tie between Nico's business and Isabelle's misfortune, which may jeopardize their newfound love.

AN ITALIAN COUNT FOR CHRISTMAS is a satisfying and somewhat steamy read with engaging characters who find a well deserved happy ever after.
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