Memento Mori

Lexi Blake
Memento Mori
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DLZ Entertainment, LLC
Release Date
August 2018
Book 1 of Masters and Mercenaries: The Forgotten
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Six men with no memories of the past
One leader with no hope for the future

A man without a past

Jax woke up in a lab, his memories erased, and his mind reprogrammed to serve a mad woman's will. After being liberated from his prison, he pledged himself to the only thing he truly knows-his team. Six men who lost everything they were. They must make certain no one else gets their hands on the drugs that stole their lives, all while hiding from every intelligence organization on the planet. The trail has led him to an unforgiving mountainside and a beautiful wilderness expert who may be his only hope of finding the truth.

A woman with a bright future

River Lee knows her way around the Colorado wilderness. She's finally found a home in a place called Bliss after years lost in darkness. The nature guide prefers to show her clients the beauty found in the land, but she also knows the secrets the mountains hold. When she meets Jax, something about the troubled man calls to her. She agrees to lead him to the site of an abandoned government facility hidden deep in the forest. She never dreamed she was stepping into the middle of a battlefield.

A love that could heal a broken soul

Spending time with River, Jax discovers a peace he's never known. Their passion unlocks a side of himself he didn't even know he was missing. When an old enemy makes his first move, Jax and River find themselves fighting for their lives. But when his past is revealed, will River be caught in the crosshairs of a global conspiracy?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Sep 21, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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After having his brain wiped and implanted with specific functions by "Mother," Jax isn't sure if he wants to know his true past or not. But he and the McKay-Taggart team are in Colorado to search for clues anyway. While there, Jax meets wilderness guide River Lee, whose expertise they're going to need if they're going to find the black ops site in the wilderness. River got screwed, in a really bad way, and she's got some serious trust issues. Turns out she wasn't actually married, which is a good thing considering he was a dirty rotten con man who stole everything. She's having a hard time trusting the weird man who's busted into her life…but damn, she wants to. When River finds out the truth about the man who rocked her world, will it crush her fragile soul, or will she be able to look beyond the lies to forgive…and help him find the answers he seeks?

I have mixed feelings about MEMENTO MORI, the first book in the Masters and Mercenaries: The Forgotten series by Ms. Blake. I was so excited to read the Lost Boys' stories, and I did like River and Jax together, but I was not a fan of a few things. The instalove was strong in this one, as were the extreme emotions after a few hours together. Also, I can't stand when a female lead goes on about her insecurities to a dude WHEN THEY'RE NEKKED. No no no. Save it for a dinner discussion, please, sexy time is the time for sexy talk, not for sharing your perceived faults. That said, Jax was adorably clueless, and having River's career would be a dream job for this reviewer. The sex scenes were warm verging on hot, but nothing exciting or super special about it. The action took way too long to get to, but when it came it was solid, like all the books in the Masters and Mercenaries world. The best part of the book, for me, was the ending, which set up the premise for the next book (if not the whole spinoff series)…I can't wait for more!

Bottom Line: No OM/OW or sharing of the main characters; mixed condom use; very mild BDSM/kink (some silk ties); no sexual assault; violence and murder.
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