God Father's Day

Lynda Rees
God Father's Day


Sweetwater Publishing Company
Release Date
July 2018
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Mainstream fiction, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

GOD FATHER'S DAY by Lynda Rees

Justin has it all—a profitable law career and a superficial affair with a wealthy heiress. Her father wants him to marry her and manage his dynasty. That's fine with Justin, since he believes love is an illusion and only useful as a tool to get ahead.

Justin's dad, Richard, becomes critically ill and Justin rushes to his side to care for him and make the most of the time they have left together. Richard confesses a dangerous history haunts him and he's not the man Justin thinks him to be.

Revaluating who he is and what he wants from life, Justin loses his heart to a different type woman. Becky distrusts men due to a complicated history, but Justin's grief breaks down her wall. She can't compete with his rich fiancé. Stalked by her ex, she believes Justin betrayed her. The past endangers their lives and futures when a hit man seeks his next victim.


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