Hot Blooded

Lynda Rees
Hot Blooded


Sweetwater Publishing Company
Release Date
October 2017
Book 3 of The Bloodline Series
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Literary Romance, Mainstream fiction, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Hot Blooded,
Bloodline Series Book 3
by Lynda Rees
Calvin Coldwater, a half-breed cowpoke from Texas retires after twenty years as a Navy Seal. Starting over as a horse trainer at Mane Lane Farm in Sweetwater, Kentucky, Cal tries to win the heart of quirky, purple-haired organic farmer, Rose Casson. When Cal's fellow trainer is killed, Sheriff Wyatt Gordon not only has many viable suspects for the double-homicide. A new drug strain is affecting local youngsters. Wyatt enlists the aide of old friend, FBI Special Agent Reggie Casse and his new deputy, ex-Texas Ranger Jaiden Coldwater. A link to a terrorist organization is uncovered and a drug trafficking scam is causing havoc. Believing Cal is cheating on her, Rose lashes out and lands in danger.
Adele Industries C.E.O, Corrie Parrish is fed up with philandering husband, Lane. The only good coming from their marriage is daughter, Morgan. Morgan is livid when Corrie files for divorce and moves them from New York City to her family homestead at Mane Lane Farm. Corrie's return to Kentucky finds Justin Henderson a reckless basket case after losing his family. Corrie has loved Justin Henderson since they were children, but Justin never saw past the freckles and pigtails of his friends little sister.
Can old pals help each other through turmoil wrecking their disjointed lives? Can Rose escape certain death and find love with her Native American cowboy?
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