Avery Woods
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Roane Publishing
Release Date
September 2018
Book 2 of Life of Secrets
Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Cori Winter's life seems to be going according to plan. While completing her PhD in Chemistry, Cori is offered a Research Fellowship, by one of the most accomplished Chemists in the Country. On the other hand, Cori has finally agreed to marry her long term boyfriend, Erik. Things are going smoothly, until the past catches up with Cori, threatening her happiness.

Abandoned at a young age, Cori has been told growing up that her biological mother has been MIA due to a severe illness. After a visit with her father, Cori discovers her dad sending a large amount of cash to an unknown woman. Cori decides to take matters into her own hands where she finally seek answers regarding her mother. However, sometimes secrets are better kept hidden...

After a childhood incident ruined any shot of Jesse Hall having a relationship with his parents, he is finally glad to be living on his own, where he isn't constantly reminded of the past. That is, until his seventeen-year old step sister, Bethany, confides in him that she's pregnant. Jesse vows to help Bethany, but is conflicted when he discovers she wants to keep her pregnancy a secret.

Cori and Jesse grow closer, when Cori's fiancée attends a wedding in Italy. Cori and Jesse confide in each other, both disclosing significant secrets. However, when they reveal their secrets, will the other be able to handle the truth?

*Can be read sequentially after Trust, or as a standalone

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Nov 05, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Cori Winters has her life planned out for herself and things seem to be going according to plan. That is if your idea of an ideal life involves science, owning a modest home, having a spouse who is also sciency, and children. But Cori realizes, as an adult, that the life she had and the stories she was told (about her mother) were just that. Stories. So she decides to find out the truth.

Jesse had his life turned upside down as a result of a childhood incident thereby destroying his relationship with his parents. Finally living on his own, he's happy to live the life he wants. That is until his seventeen-year old step sister, Bethany, confides in him that she's pregnant. AND, she wants to keep her pregnancy a secret. Jesse knows that eventually the truth will come out.

But before we get there, there are soooooo many lies (past and present) to weed through.

I really wish that I'd enjoyed this story but I simply couldn't get into it and found myself having to read it in shorter increments before I would grow either frustrated or bored and move on to something else and then pick it up again a few days later, which greatly impacted any chance of immersing myself in it. For me, the story wasn't engaging, the characters were far too contrived, immature for their age and their motivations weren't particularly believable, and the romance elements came across as rushed and thrown in. I feel like the story would have been more believable as a young adult/coming of age story.

TRUTH by Avery Woods is a (sort of) friends-to-lovers story and Book Two in the Book of Secrets series.
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