One-Eyed Royals

Cordelia Kingsbridge
One-Eyed Royals
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Riptide Publishing
Release Date
September 2018
Book 4 of Seven of Spades
LGBTQ, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Spoiler Alert! The following blurb contains spoilers for Cash Plays, book three of Seven of Spades.

Shattered by their devastating breakup, Detective Levi Abrams and PI Dominic Russo find themselves at war right when they need each other most. While Dominic is trapped in a vicious cycle of addiction, Levi despairs of ever catching the Seven of Spades. The ruthless vigilante's body count continues to climb, and it's all Levi can do to keep up with the carnage.

When Levi's and Dominic's paths keep crossing in the investigation of a kidnapping ring with a taste for mutilation, it feels like history repeating itself. Thrown together by fate once again, they reluctantly join forces in their hunt for the mastermind behind the abductions.

But the Seven of Spades hates sharing the spotlight, and they have an ace in the hole: a new batch of victims with a special connection to Levi. Their murders send shockwaves through Las Vegas and change the rules of the game forever.

The Seven of Spades has upped the ante. If Levi and Dominic don't play their cards right, they'll end up losing everything

Book Review by Ana (reviewer)
Sep 21, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This was a mind-blowing instalment of what has become one of the best series I'd read. It was fantastic. Absolutely brilliant.

The crime scene in Las Vegas is showing to be relentless to detective Levi Abraham and PI Dominic Russo who are, again, forced to work together while trying to solve the increasing kidnappings that are stealing some of the spotlight from the Seven of Spades. While trying to cope with their break up, they still have to deal with addiction and anger management. But the Seven of Spades isn't done yet with the killing spree, and this time, the murders have a very personal connection to Levi.

This was as outstanding as the previous instalments. It was impossible to put it down. Captivating, thrilling, emotional and romantic. It was everything I could have waited for. The plot was amazing. I'm really in love with the way the author writes mystery and with her characters. It was fast faced and with some action, maybe less than the other books in the series but enough to keep me entertained.

I loved the way Dominic and Levi's relationship faced a break up but still there was so much love in them. They wouldn't hesitate to give their own lives to protect the other. It was so easy to see how in love they were and even if this wasn't a particularly romantic instalment, there was so full of love. It is so beautiful to see such complex characters. There's nothing easy about the situation they were facing and the way they react felt so realistic. They make mistakes, they hurt each other, they simply aren't perfect and that just makes the book so much more interesting. Waiting for the next reaction of either Levi or Dominic was thrilling, as unpredictable as it was the next step of the Seven of Spades.

Overall, it was just perfect. I'm truly in love with the series I couldn't recommend it enough to any reader who enjoys mystery.
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