Close to the Bone

Kendra Elliot
Close to the Bone
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Montlake Romance
Release Date
October 2018
Book 1 of Widow's Island
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

FBI Special Agent Cate Wilde is back home on a remote Pacific Northwest island when she gets the call: a teenager's skeletal remains have been found on a nearby island.

Together with Tessa Black, a childhood friend turned local deputy, Cate confronts dreary weather and bleak leads to make sense of the death. The complications pile up as Cate is distracted by the coroner on the case—and by nagging memories that draw her twenty years into the past. The remains suggest eerie similarities between this victim, and Cate and Tessa's friend Samantha, who disappeared when she was fourteen.

Cate finds herself up against closemouthed locals, buried town secrets, and even her own heart. As the case unravels, will she be able to cut through the fog and find justice for the missing and the dead?

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Sep 20, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I haven't read any Kendra Elliot books before, and I found CLOSE TO THE BONE to be an enjoyable, suspenseful read. Certainly, I never guessed who the murderer is, or perhaps that's because I haven't read enough suspense stories. In any case, as a first book that introduced the series and the characters, it did its job very well, making me want to pick up the next book in the series asap. Especially as there's an ongoing series arc in the unsolved disappearance case of their friend, Samantha Bishop.

The worldbuilding is quite unique; I like the colorful setting--the different islands and their history as well as a certain mystical element. I won't give stuff away here, but it's certainly intriguing and refreshing. I also like the romantic undertone to the novella and the way we get to know the main characters well in their respective professions, especially the hero, who is a medical doctor and not the usual profession for a hero in a romantic suspense (Usually, it's something related to law enforcement or security.) Secondary characters like Cate's grandmother Jane Sutton adds color and depth to the story.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in the series and can't wait to pick up the next one.
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