Taste Me

Cali Caliente/aka Christine Poe
Taste Me
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
October 2018
Book 1 of Italians Do It Best
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Double the trouble, double the fun. That's been the Lovella twins' motto from the day they were born. Their newest venture together is the launching of Love's Farmer's Market. Taste a sample before you take it home. Their logo is bold, provocative, and right to the point—the Lovella brothers do it best.

Bryce has incredible sex with the woman of his dreams in an impromptu meeting. When his twin challenges him to find a wife or take full responsibility for their business, leaving him to live a playboy lifestyle, Bryce accepts. Unbeknownst to Bryce his twin uses his name and, unintentionally, the twins fall for the same woman—Aurora Daring, a local columnist who thinks she is dating a man with personality problems but she can't resist the temptation for more amazing sex or the chance to fall in love Italian style.

Book Review by LizDavDon (reviewer)
Jan 21, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Cali Caliente's TASTE ME is a hot erotic love story that is alternately sweet and, surprisingly, quite funny--a Hallmark Channel romcom with an insatiable sexual appetite.


Aurora Daring, an aspiring pastry chef, writes a newspaper culinary column; Bryce Lovella, an Italian farmer, co-owns Love's Farmer's Market in Northern Virginia with his twin brother, Brent.

While shopping at Love's for ingredients for her famous strawberry pie, Aurora and Bryce lock eyes across the fruit stalls, get flirty with produce, and fall into lust with each other.

Soon after giving Aurora the best multiple orgasms of her life, Bryce and Brent challenge each other to get the perfect woman to say "I love you" to him within two weeks. Mischievous Brent poses as Bryce to increase his chances to win. (His motivations are later revealed.)

As Aurora and Bryce's sex romp continues, the subterfuge causes major confusion. Aurora has difficulty reconciling her feelings for a man who behaves as "classy Bryce" one minute and "hot hero Bryce" the next.

The stakes are quickly raised when Aurora and Bryce develop feelings for each other that extend beyond the bedroom…AND the produce/farmer's market warehouse…AND the back office at Antonio's Italian Restaurant.

NOTE: Nothing is more titillating than public sex, especially in places where you can grab a post-coital snack.

Sex Comedy

TASTE ME contains some genuinely laugh out loud dialogue resulting from Brent's deception. (In an effort to avoid comedy spoilers, details are not included in this review.) An appropriate balance is struck between scorching sex scenes and spit-take moments.

Sex, Sex, and more SEX

Ms. Caliente skillfully crafts supremely satisfying sex scenes and deliciously detailed erotic foreplay. Who knew that farm fresh oranges and plums would provide a sensual prelude to mind-blowing sex atop an industrial-sized bag of sunflower seeds? Ms. Caliente did; she wrote it. It works. Also, a tip o' the hat goes to the author on writing a wine bottle scene that deliciously crosses the boundaries into kink.

Italians do it best…

TASTY ME's tagline "Italians do it best" proves true. Bryce is the master of seduction with his dark good looks and subtle, sexy Italian accent. The twins pepper their romantic "sweet talk" with enchanting Italian terms of endearment. And, mouth-watering Italian cuisine is passionately prepared by the Lovella brothers' Uncle/Chef Antonio at his aforementioned D.C. restaurant, Antonio's. Uncle Antonio is an adorable side character and offers the reader a chance to glimpse into the Lovellas' upbringing.

Daring Love

Ms. Caliente's choice to narrate in third person, which she limits to Aurora and Bryce, is effective in sharing the couple's relationship journey as their emotional connection deepens. And kudos to the author on tying up all "loose ends." Major plot points were adequately explained.

Additional pages could have been spent on Aurora's and Bryce's backstories, as well as on more clearly establishing the foundation of their burgeoning love. However, the couple's journey from sex romp to loving intimacy is thoroughly engaging. Their heightened emotions, wanton desires, and longing for true love are relatable.

Sitcom-worthy misunderstandings, hot sex, and the obstacles of new romance drive the plot toward a satisfying conclusion complete with Moonlight Margaritas and promises of strawberry pie.
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