Ensnaring Lord Starsen

Jenn Langston
Ensnaring Lord Starsen


Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date
July 2017
Book 3 of Touched by Fire

Tethered to a restrictive life on her half-brother's estate, Lady Isabella Rossland tries her best to find her own happiness. With the dreary gentlemen nearby not appealing to her restless spirit, she's left with few escape options. Then, a man she's known for years catches her attention, and she's intrigued. What could make a man so aloof act so unexpectedly? It seems there is more to Lord Starsen than the person he presents to society.

Marcus Hera, Earl of Starsen, vows to lead a calm existence, due to a fiery tragedy during his reckless youth where he suffered permanent injuries. As such, he wants a dutiful wife to complement his life. When his path crosses unexpectedly with the impetuous Lady Isabella, he's shocked to find himself drawn to her. He resists his undeniable attraction to her, choosing duty over the confusing emotions she's wrought in him.

Realizing Marcus has a spirit that matches her own, Isabella makes her intentions known, only to discover he has made a promise to another. Not one to easily give up, Isabella must convince him she is the right woman for him. With his impending betrothal approaching, time is running out. Has she pierced his barriers and won his heart, or is she too late?


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